You're an Important Part of the Team

At Infectious Disease Specialists of NWA, we encourage patients to take ownership of their health. We believe you should be considered an active and informed member of your own health care team. With this in mind, we want to equip you with as many helpful resources as possible. 

Below you'll find patient forms to download before your appointment. Take the time needed to properly fill out the information, so we know exactly what you're experiencing. You'll also find helpful links to educate you on various infections and diseases. There's so much information online, we've pulled together our most trusted sources.



New Patient 
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What to Expect During Your Visit

Our physicians and nurses take the best care of all of our patients. From the moment you enter our office, we do our best to help you feel welcomed and comfortable. We make check-in easy and take our time to answer all of your questions and concerns with each visit. 

Since most patients are referred from another provider, we ask that you bring any paperwork you've been given to your appointment. To help speed up the process on your first visit, please take a few minutes to download and complete the New Patient paperwork and bring it with you. 

During your initial consultation, we carefully review your medical data, including records, X-rays, and laboratory reports. Our physicians may also perform a physical examination and order additional lab work, depending on the type of problem you're experiencing. Our goal is to get the answers you need while delivering the care you deserve.

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